Immigration and Entrepreneurship in Texas: Chronicle of an Experience (1995-2010)


Edmundo Treviño Garza
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León


This is a book I never dreamed of writing. After emigrating from Mexico to the United States and undertaking, in total ignorance of the Texas market, a family own business in which I have been able to try every idea that has come to my mind, with total creative and innovative freedom but with resource restrictions and a lot of entrepreneurial ignorance, my family and I have been able to overcome countless obstacles to bring to fruition a number of small and medium-size businesses.
The Covid-19 pandemic forced me to pause and reflect on all the lessons accumulated over 20 years, dozens of projects and multiple partnerships, which, when put in a short text, forced me to share the knowledge to other entrepreneurs in social networks and then, to write this book.


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Biografía del autor/a

Edmundo Treviño Garza, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Mexican born in Monterrey, N.L. Mechanical Engineer Administrator by the U.A.N.L. Polyglot with a passion for commerce and international entrepreneurship with emphasis on the U.S. market. Immigrant with participation in dozens of export projects in 20 years as an entrepreneur in Texas. Pioneer in introducing Mexican brands and those of manufacturers from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Germany, China and Turkey, especially in the U.S. automotive industry. Founder and partner of multiple Texan companies. Consultant and promoter of Latin American companies in pursuit of their American dream.

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octubre 1, 2023



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